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Privacy Policy

SAFESELECT is a trading name of Australian Institute of Forensic Psychology Pty Ltd (AIFP).

SAFESELECT specialises in the pre-employment psychological screening of job applicants.  It uses a system of testing and analysis that has been specifically designed to screen applicants for jobs that may involve protecting the safety or well-being of others.  It uses that system to provide pre-employment screening to clients in public safety services, health, disability, child care, aged care sectors and human services roles.

SAFESELECT testing procedures involve the collection and analysis of personal information about individuals who apply for jobs with its clients.  SAFESELECT recognises the sensitivity of the information it collects, and is committed to protecting the privacy of people who take its tests.  

This Policy outlines how SAFESELECT manages the personal information it collects and holds in connection with its pre-employment testing services.   

In this Policy 'personal information' may include information about your problem solving ability, approach to work, health and other sensitive information.

In this Policy, when we refer to 'our client' or 'the client', we are referring to the organisation that has engaged us to provide psychological screening services.  A job applicant is not a client of SAFESELECT.

In this Policy, 'privacy law' refers to the Privacy Act 1988 and to any other legislation, code of practice or similar instrument that we are required to comply with in relation to the collection, use, disclosure and handling of personal information.

Our collection of personal information

If you have applied for a job with one of our clients, the client may require you to undertake one of our tests.  

When you take one of our tests, we collect personal information about you.

You may choose not to take the test.  In this case, your job application may be delayed or may not be able to progress.  This is a decision that our client makes.  It is not a decision that SAFESELECT makes.

Before you take a test, we will ask you to sign a form in which you:
  • agree to undertake the test, having read and understood the information in the form;
  • consent to us collecting, using and disclosing your personal information for purposes related to pre-employment testing and reporting to our client; and
  • acknowledge that the decision about your job application is a decision of the client, not of SAFESELECT, and that you will not hold SAFESELECT responsible if your job application is not successful.
We will give you a copy of that form to retain for your records.

If you agree to take our test, you will be asked to answer a series of questions.   There are different types of questions, and the questions generally do not have right or wrong answers.  However, the answers you give will disclose personal information about you.  This may include, for example, information about how you solve problems, your work style, how you get along with others, how you might behave in different situations and your attitudes and opinions about issues relevant to the job you have applied for.  
The information from your answers is scored and analysed using a proprietary computer program. The scores are then compared to the scores of a group of Australian job applicants who have undertaken the same or similar tests. Information derived from that analysis forms the basis of the report we give to our client.

Our client may or may not take our report into account when assessing your suitability for the job it is trying to fill.  The decision about whether or not to hire an applicant, and the weight given to our report, is a decision for the client.  We expect that our clients take a range of factors into account when making these decisions, in addition to the information in our report.  

We do not tell our client what hiring decision to make.

How do we collect personal information?

We may collect personal information about you from our client when it refers you to us for testing.  Usually the information we collect at this stage will be your name and some basic information about the position you have applied for, and possibly your email address or other contact information.

All the other personal information we collect will be collected directly from you in the course of testing.

You may be asked to complete the tests in paper and pencil format, or online.

Our use and disclosure of personal information

Personal information we collect when you take one of our tests is used primarily for the purpose of providing a report to our client. 

When we provide a SAFESELECT report to our client, we retain the test results and a copy of our report.

We will also provide our client with a further copy of our report at any time in the future if we are asked.

Some people take SAFESELECT tests more than once.  This usually happens if a person applies for another job with the same client or with a different employer who is also a SAFESELECT client.  If this happens we will provide our client with a copy of any earlier test results and a report about the changes between earlier and later tests.  This is necessary to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the reports we provide to our clients.  If you do not agree to your test results being used and disclosed in this way, you will not be able to take a SAFESELECT test.

SAFESELECT may use your personal information for the purpose of reviewing and improving its testing and analytical processes and/or for research purposes.  SAFESELECT only uses personal information in de-identified form for these purposes.  This means that findings are reported as a description of a group of people, and not in a way that would allow any individual to be identified.  There are never any names mentioned in our research findings.

Research and analysis conducted by SAFESELECT is conducted in accordance with ethical requirements of the Australian Psychological Society.

Our client may also use personal information in our report for the purpose of reviewing and improving its recruitment and selection practices.  We are not responsible for the use our clients make of our reports.  The client's policies and procedures will apply to this.  If you have any queries or concerns about this, you should speak to our client directly.

We may be authorised or required under privacy law to disclose personal information we hold to some other bodies in certain situations.  For example, we may be legally required to release information to a court, or to a law enforcement agency to investigate suspected fraud or other unlawful activity, to report or investigate serious misconduct or where necessary to protect public health or safety.

Except where we are required to do so under privacy law, we will not disclose your personal information to any other person or organisation without your consent.

How we protect your information

Personal information we collect in connection with SAFESELECT testing is stored in secured offices and on secure servers.  Access to our electronic records is protected by the most up-to-date security systems available.  If is only accessible by SAFESELECT staff that need to use the information in connection with testing, analysis or reporting to our clients.   

All our staff with access to test related personal information have undertaken privacy training.  All staff are fully aware of the importance of maintaining the strictest confidentiality of information we collect.

Our service providers (including companies that manage our IT systems and Internet security) have been informed of the importance we place on protecting privacy and their role in helping us to do so.  Wherever possible, providers are engaged on terms that include express obligations of confidentiality.

Wherever possible, the contracts we enter into with our clients expressly require the client to protect the confidentiality and intellectual property of our reports and include terms that require the client to collect, use, disclose and handle personal information in accordance with privacy law.

We only hold personal information collected in SAFESELECT testing as long as is necessary for the purpose of our business as a provider of pre-employment testing services.  However, because we provide our clients with reports relating to changes in the results obtained in tests that are taken at different times in a person's career, we need to retain test results and reports for the length of time a person who has taken a test could apply for employment.  Depending on the age of a person when they first take a test, we may need to retain test results and reports for up to 70 years.  We are in any case required by our professional ethics to retain test results and reports for at least 10 years.  We regularly review our records to destroy or de-identify those that we no longer need to retain.

Personal information about persons who undertake SAFESELECT testing is not sent outside Australia except where a client who has asked the person to take the tests is located outside Australia.  Where personal information is disclosed to a client who is outside Australia, SAFESELECT will not be accountable, and the individual may not be able to seek redress for a privacy breach under Australian privacy law.

Further information and complaints

If you would like further information on this Policy, or if you have any concerns over the way we handle personal information, please write to the address below.

If you have a complaint about our handling of your personal information, please write to us. Our Director will investigate your complaint as soon as possible, and you will receive a written response if you request this.  If your complaint involves the handling of your personal information by a client or a service provider, we may refer the complaint to the client or service provider for investigation.

Correspondence should be directed to:

Level 5
255 Bourke St
Melbourne  VIC   3000
Email:  profile@safeselect.net.au

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