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Latest Articles from SAFESELECT

Coroner's Court NSW: Inquest into the Fire at Quaker's Hill Nursing Home

11 September 2015 | By Dr Ken Byrne

Mr. Roger Dean was hired to work as a nurse on the night shift at this nursing home.  He began employment on September 13, 2011.  He was hired on the basis of one interview and confirmation that he held a nursing certificate. His resume showed that he had worked at a cake shop since 2007.  It was later revealed that the shop was owned by his domestic partner.  (Why a registered nurse would spend four years working in a cake shop was never queried.)  His last experience working in aged care was listed as being in 2001-2002.  In fact, he had been employed in numerous aged care roles before applying to Quakers Hill, and as was later discovered, had difficulty at each of them.

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What’s the Single Most Important Component of Client Safety?

21 July 2015 | By Dr Ken Byrne

Aged Care professionals are charged with protecting the most vulnerable people in our society. Yet, there is never enough money. Where do we allocate scarce resources to ensure client safety?

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Why Hiring Mistakes Happen - And How To Prevent Them (Part 3)

08 April 2015 | By Dr Ken Byrne

Most companies of any size will favour filling jobs by promoting someone who is already employed with the business. There are many obvious advantages: there has been an opportunity to observe this person over a considerable period of time. Their work style, their ability to get on with others, loyalty and commitment have all been demonstrated.

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Why Hiring Mistakes Happen - And How To Prevent Them (Part 2)

26 March 2015 | By Dr Ken Byrne

Hiring staff is a multi-dimensional investment with a great deal of risk attached to it. Yet, most organisations tend to make hiring decisions rather quickly, often with little or no due diligence.

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Why Hiring Mistakes Happen - And How To Prevent Them (Part 1)

26 November 2014 | By Dr Ken Byrne

This is the first of a series of brief descriptions of the underlying reasons for hiring mistakes…and what to do to prevent this.

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