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Applicants' FAQs

“What role does the suitability testing play in the application process?”

Any type of suitability testing is only one part of an overall selection process. You will be aware that the organisation to which you applied also used other screening methods. In almost all cases, the decision to advance your application is made based on integrating numerous types of information about you. The psychological profile is only one part of this.

If I was unsuccessful in applying to one organisation, does that mean that I am automatically going to be unsuccessful if I apply to a different organisation?

No. This is for several reasons. The desired profile will vary depending on the profession. Second, the pool of applicants you will be competing against in your next application will most certainly be different from the pool you were competing against in the past. Compared with this pool, you might well do better.

Why wasn’t I successful?

In almost every case the organisation you applied for has more applicants than there are positions available. Their obligation is to choose those people who they believe most closely match the requirements for the job, and who are most likely to be successful. If you applied and were unsuccessful it is very likely that there were other candidates who were more competitive than you were. If you are unsuccessful, it is important to keep this in perspective. Simply because you were not selected for this position does not mean that there is anything “wrong” with you. It just means that at the time you applied there were other applicants that were more competitive than you.

How often can I complete the profiling?

This will depend on the organisation to which you are applying. Some organisations will ask you to wait a period of time before taking the testing again. Other organisations will not have this rule.

What can I do to improve my chances next time?

It is very difficult to answer this question. The vast majority of the tests are designed to measure personality traits. Our personality is not something which changes easily. There also aren’t any books you can study or courses you can go to which will improve your chances at being more successful when you take the profile again.