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What is SafeSelect Profiling?

SafeSelect provides a group of tools that have been tailor made for screening applicants to Public Safety jobs.  These include psychological tests, an empirically derived Risk Prediction Index,  a unique and powerful interview system, techniques for evaluating the applicant’s level of candour and an objective decision making process.

The Risk Prediction Index allows you to gain an overall picture of how closely an individual applicant matches your job requirements.

The accuracy and Return on Investment of using SafeSelect Profiling has been demonstrated repeatedly in numerous Australian research studies.


How Does It Work?


  • You control the process and you make the decisions
  • You administer our tests to applicants
  • We process and send you results/reports
  • You interview the applicants using our TRAIT Interview System
  • Using the information these tools reveal, you make an informed hiring decision, being fully aware of the risks each applicant may present if hired


What Do I Get?


  • Our commitment to do everything possible to help your organisation make the very best hiring decisions
  • Our commitment to maintain all information we learn about your organisation completely confidential
  • Test booklets and training in test administration
  • Psychological test reports and training in how to interpret them
  • Access to our unique Tailored Risk Assessment Interview Technique (TRAIT) and training in how to use it
  • Training in how to integrate test data and interview findings to make an objective, fact based and easily defensible hiring decision about each applicant
  • Unlimited telephone support


What’s my Commitment?


  • You commit a small group of people who conduct interviews to attend our two day Training and Certification Workshop
  • You commit to using our system with integrity – following the guidelines we give you, with no shortcuts
  • You commit to maintaining the confidentiality of our materials, techniques and pricing


Can The Testing Be Done Online?


  • All SafeSelect psychometric assessments can be completed online


What’s the Next Step?


  • If your organisation is feeling the pain of hiring mistakes, give us a call
  • We’d be happy to chat with you and find out whether there is potentially a good fit between what we’re offering and what you need

News & Blog

Coroner's Court NSW: Inquest into the Fire at Quaker's Hill Nursing Home

11 September 2015

Mr. Roger Dean was hired to work as a nurse on the night shift at this nursing home.  He began employment on September 13, 2011.  He was hired on the basis of one interview and confirmation that he held a nursing certificate. His resume showed that he had worked at a cake shop since 2007.  It was later revealed that the shop was owned by his domestic partner.  (Why a registered nurse would spend four years working in a cake shop was never queried.)  His last experience working in aged care was listed as being in 2001-2002.  In fact, he had been employed in numerous aged care roles before applying to Quakers Hill, and as was later discovered, had difficulty at each of them.

Client Testimonials

  • Jenny Kitchin - Director of Community Services, Anglicare ACT

  • Athena Ermides - General Manager, Berlasco Court Caring Centre

  • Sandy Van Houwelingen - Supervising Fisheries and Marine Officer, Training and Development, Department of Fisheries, West Australia

  • Grant Lupton - CEO and Chief Fire Officer, South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service

  • Ian Lanyon - Director, Secure Services, Department of Human Services