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ASM (Brief Screening)


The ASM Applicant Suitability Matrix is an online screening tool developed specifically for clients who want a brief psychometric test that can be completed from the applicant’s home or in the client’s office.

Test items are written at a Grade 4 reading level, and a report is available immediately after test completion.  The report identifies specific risks, provides tailored interview questions and an objective risk rating method.

The ASM is a set of four tools for screening entry level staff to work in public safety roles with relatively low risk.  This would include Security Guards, Static Guards, Crowd Controllers etc.

1. ASM Screening Interview

We provide a group of carefully crafted questions that help determine whether the applicant should be advanced to the testing stage. Taking less than 10 minutes, and using an objective scoring system, the interviewer can quickly form an opinion about the likely suitability – or unsuitability – of the applicant. Questions can be administered by phone or in person.

2. The ASM Test and Risk Profile


The Risk Profile is based on the candidate's answers to a brief psychological questionnaire.  This can be completed online at your office or in the applicant's home.  It takes about 20 minutes, and is written at the Grade 4 reading level.

Based on the candidate's responses, a Risk Profile is generated.  This describes 14 job related personality traits and highlights any areas of potential risk that need further assessment.

These 14 traits are grouped into three critically important areas:

  • Working with Others
  • Work Style
  • Emotional Control


 The Risk Profile is available immediately after the test is completed.

For any risks that are highlighted, Targeted Questions are provided to permit further assessment of the identified area.


3. Tailored Applicant Suitability Kit (TASK)

This is a psychologically based structured interview available in a format tailored for different job categories.  It is designed to be completed in about 30-40 minutes.  Used with the Risk Profile, it allows for a comprehensive assessment designed to uncover who the applicant really is - not just who they say they are.

The TASK concludes with an objective and easily defensible Risk Assessment.

4. ASM Integrated Reference Checking Guide

No one likes to give a bad reference.  Far too often, referees provide a superficial description of the candidate which is less than helpful in making a hiring decision.  This psychologically based guide is designed to check and cross check findings from the Risk Profile and from the TASK.  It contains numerous techniques to help extract the most important information from the referee about the candidate.  Most importantly, should any areas of concern be identified in the Risk Profile, the ASM Integrated Reference Checking Guide has specific questions to focus on that area.  Experience has shown that this single technique often uncovers information which the referee may have only alluded to in passing or omitted entirely.

News & Blog

Coroner's Court NSW: Inquest into the Fire at Quaker's Hill Nursing Home

11 September 2015

Mr. Roger Dean was hired to work as a nurse on the night shift at this nursing home.  He began employment on September 13, 2011.  He was hired on the basis of one interview and confirmation that he held a nursing certificate. His resume showed that he had worked at a cake shop since 2007.  It was later revealed that the shop was owned by his domestic partner.  (Why a registered nurse would spend four years working in a cake shop was never queried.)  His last experience working in aged care was listed as being in 2001-2002.  In fact, he had been employed in numerous aged care roles before applying to Quakers Hill, and as was later discovered, had difficulty at each of them.

Client Testimonials

  • Jenny Kitchin - Director of Community Services, Anglicare ACT

  • Athena Ermides - General Manager, Berlasco Court Caring Centre

  • Sandy Van Houwelingen - Supervising Fisheries and Marine Officer, Training and Development, Department of Fisheries, West Australia

  • Grant Lupton - CEO and Chief Fire Officer, South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service

  • Ian Lanyon - Director, Secure Services, Department of Human Services