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Coroner's Court NSW: Inquest into the Fire at Quaker's Hill Nursing Home

11 September 2015

Mr. Roger Dean was hired to work as a nurse on the night shift at this nursing home.  He began employment on September 13, 2011.  He was hired on the basis of one interview and confirmation that he held a nursing certificate. His resume showed that he had worked at a cake shop since 2007.  It was later revealed that the shop was owned by his domestic partner.  (Why a registered nurse would spend four years working in a cake shop was never queried.)  His last experience working in aged care was listed as being in 2001-2002.  In fact, he had been employed in numerous aged care roles before applying to Quakers Hill, and as was later discovered, had difficulty at each of them.

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  • Jenny Kitchin

    Director of Community Services, Anglicare ACT

  • Athena Ermides

    General Manager, Berlasco Court Caring Centre

  • Sandy Van Houwelingen

    Supervising Fisheries and Marine Officer, Training and Development, Department of Fisheries, West Australia

  • Grant Lupton

    CEO and Chief Fire Officer, South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service

  • Ian Lanyon

    Director, Secure Services, Department of Human Services

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